Embedded Fibre

Our unique Embedded Fibre offering provdes converged, multi-function services at eligible buildings


What is it?

Net360’s fiber network offers private dedicated networks, ensuring your premise has the very best modern telecommunications has to offer.
Our private fibre services run separately to the NBN network delivering unlimited service usage across a variety performance tiers including:

All Our Plans Come With ...

Enterprise features at residential prices

Unlimited Downloads

No download limits

Static IP

Your service comes with a static IP address

99.95% Service Availability

Premium grade availability only found with business grade services

Symmetrical Internet Speeds

With speeds at up to 10Gbps symmetrical.

Plug and Play

Relying on standard network standards, its as simple as plugging in your modem

Australian Support

Our support team is based in Australia and are happy to take your call

Dedicated Building Bandwidth

No Contention. 100% yours to use. Unlike other Internet services, your buildings service is dedicated for your use

Optional Landline

We can provide your premise a VoIP based phone plan of your choosing. You can even port your current number to us

Always Ready

When you move in, like your electricity and water, our service is at the ready

wind machine, windmill, turbine

Save in more ways
than one

Our embedded fibre service utilizes low powered equipment. You save not only in with your Internet services but also electricity consumption as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get asked

Ask your body corporate/strata if they have an agreement with us already. They will advise you of the allocated NET360 account manager. If not – please reach out to us, so we can get the process started for your building.

While we are continuing to expand our network, we are always looking for new buildings to enable. Drop us a line with your building address and we’ll advise of your local areas statu on the net360 network.

Embeded Fibre is a dedicated fibre service with premium features generally found only with business and enterprise offerings.

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