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Our unique Embedded Fibre offering provdes converged, multi-function services at eligible buildings

Access Control

Why Us?

Are you looking at securing your property or assets?

Our state-of-the-art systems use the latest technology to provide secure and convenient access for authorized personnel, while keeping out unwanted visitors. With features like remote access, visitor management, and 24/7 monitoring, you can trust us to provide the best protection for your property. All Services run over our state of the art fibre network ensuring your sensitive access control infrastructure is tamper proof, greater bandwidth, longer stances and improved scalability now and into the future. 

All Our Plans Come With ...

Enterprise features at residential prices

Answer Anywhere

Our solutions are able to facilitate access, regardless of your physical location. All you need is a smart device connected to the internet. The net360 network does the rest.

Fob-less and Keyless

If you mission is to reduce material waste and consumption of materials, our access control solutions leverage digital tokens which are able to be placed on any smart device to act as your access card.

99.95% Service Availability

Premium grade availability only found with business grade services

Certified to run on Net360

Our access control and intercom solutions are certified to run over out network, meaning your systems get the same service uptime as our high availability network

No Space?

No ability to house headend equipment on space? no problems. All infrastructure can be run off our highly secure tier 1 data center in your local city.

Australian Support

Our support team is based in Australia and are happy to take your call

Dedicated Building Bandwidth

No Contention. 100% yours to use. Unlike other Internet services, your buildings service is dedicated for your use

Optional Landline

We can provide your premise a VoIP based phone plan of your choosing. You can even port your current number to us and run it over your intercom solution.

Always Ready

When you move in, like your electricity and water, our service is at the ready

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get asked

There are several advantages to running access control over fibre networks, including:

  1. Increased Security: Fibre networks are much more secure than traditional copper-based networks because they are immune to electromagnetic interference and difficult to tap. This makes them an ideal platform for running access control systems, which rely on secure communication channels to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive areas.
  2. Greater Bandwidth: Fibre networks have a much higher bandwidth capacity than copper-based networks, allowing for faster and more reliable communication between access control devices and the central control system. This ensures that access control systems can respond quickly and accurately to changes in the environment, such as the presence of unauthorized individuals or changes in the status of access points.
  3. Longer Distances: Fibre networks can transmit data over much longer distances than copper-based networks, making them ideal for large buildings or campuses where access control systems need to be deployed across long distances. This can help reduce the cost and complexity of installing and maintaining access control systems, as fewer devices may be needed to cover the same area.
  4. Improved Scalability: Fibre networks are highly scalable, allowing access control systems to be easily expanded or upgraded as needed. This can help businesses and organizations to adapt to changing security needs, such as the addition of new access points or the integration of new security technologies.

Overall, running access control over fibre networks can provide increased security, faster and more reliable communication, longer transmission distances, and improved scalability, making them an ideal platform for modern access control systems

The answer is yes. All access control solutions offered by Net360 have the ability to call the users smart phone in order to be able to answer your in dwelling intercom via your chosen device. This means you are able to let delivery divers into your premise, in an audited and monitored way.

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