New Developments

We don’t just build internet into new developments, we build technology into smart homes and smart villages to provide  a green, clean and exciting tenant experience

What do we do?

Net360 provide end to end technology requirements into both multi dwelling developments, premium gated communities & estates .

We don't just provide internet, we provide our customers with the ability to bring to market a true experience of the future, empowering them to get the most out of their project. Technology at the home is more than just internet, we provide our customers a dwelling of the future with a fully digitised experience.

How do we do it?

As a Licensed authority by the ACMA, we remove the need for any NBN consumer grade services. We replace the NBN network and deliver our own state of the art next generation fibre network for premium high end developments. Our service is a full turn key service that includes

Capabilities of our embedded network

On our embedded network you unlock a variety of capabilities to future proof your development. These include:


Your choice, our dedicated premium fibre service to power your development. Once this fundamental piece is in place, you not only get access to the internet, but capacity access to unlock to up to 2500 services, all over our fibre network.

Voice & Video

Once on our fibre network, you are able to subscribe to unlimited voice calling, allowing the return of your home phone as well as our state of the art video calling capability - all over your allocated LAN line number

Access Control & Biometrics

We support a range of technology driven access controls from biometric building and in apartment access to smart key Technology, allowing access remotely anywhere & anytime.

Security & Surveillance

Building and common area video Surveillance so your tenants can rest easy, knowing they are in safe hands.


Support for a wide range of Apple and Android consumer based internet of things to enable your tenants a fun experience at home with commodity technology.

Compliance & Agency Approvals.

Town planning, council approval, letters from your nominated telecommunications authority. As an authorised authority we are able to provide and guide you through all the necessary approvals to enable your development to be a success.

Environmental Monitoring

Common area water left running? Air conditioning left on when not required? our smart technology automates your life so you can enjoy it.

Common Area Access

Want to have access to our gigabit fibre in common areas or collaboration areas? but in a protected and restricted to residents? Our net360 wifi access services providers common area collaboration at any nominated point of your new premium development.

We are passionate about smart dwellings....

It underpins the values of our business. Technology, where is belongs, in the home, to make our lives happier, simpler and more comfortable while looking after our environment. See what we are about and our values that drive our passion for technology as an enabler for a better future.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to help guide the industry in order to help educate and achieve better outcomes for developers & home buying customers. Please also see our Blogs that discuss these topics in more depth. Otherwise feel free to contact us for free advice.

The net360 network is a completely seperate state of the art network, we do not leverage the NBN network. You will no longer require to go through the NBN new development process.

Depending on on our development being an SDU or an MDU will influence the cost. Please contact us so we can provide you a fixed price quote.

A fundamental prerequisite and obligation on the developer is to supply the development with ready access to modern telecommunications, both for voice and broadband.

To further understand these obligations please see the following link:

Anyone working on any telecommunications media within the private demarcation of the development must be an ACMA registered cabler with accredited competencies pertaining to the media they are planning to install or alter. Failing to do so will result in compliance issues and potential insure issues and fines. Please check the ACMA website to select a registered cabler.


Telecommunication companies provision and run various facilities to provide critical communication services.

The law gives telcos some special rights to access properties when they need to work on network facilities.

 Please see the following legislation that underpins these privileges:

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