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About Net360

Net360 is a wholly owned Australian company, headquartered in Carlton, Victoria.

Over the past decade, Net360 has architected, designed and built state of the art next generation telecommunications networks for a number of National & International companies including Telecommunication providers. 

In 2017, Net360 elected to construct their own fibre based telecommunications network, releasing Australia’s first multi-service fibre network, affording developers and consumers a premium alternative to the NBN network.

Today, Net360 are widely accepted amongst its peers as the having the most advanced consumer-accessible network in the nation. Our speeds start at 1000/1000Mbps, while delivering full spectrum 360 degree digital and smart building services over a single piece of fibre. 

Our multi service fibre capability reduces material waste, reduces the overall carbon footprint of a development while delivering an unmatched user experience for residents by holistically delivering & integrating:

  1. Gigabit Internet
  2. SMART Access Control
  3. Intercom
  4. Building Automation
  5. CCTV & AI recognition.
  6. MATV & PayTV
  7. Voice & Video

Net360 by name & Net360 by function!

Net360 also holds the prestigious position of being a defence industry service provider, achieving the very high requirements of screening, competency, ethics, integrity, privacy, security, data handling & identity management. 

We don’t just meet service provider standards, we blow them out of the water – your customers data and your brand are safe with us.

If you want to know more please reach us via the contact us button below. If you want to continue to learn about what makes us unique, please read “how we do business” & “our accreditations” sections below



How we do Business

Our values influence the way we work, we encourage the same from our customers and partners.

No Offshoring

When you call us, you speak to a skilled staff local helpdesk agent, here in Australia. Not an offshore call centre.

Remote Accessibility

We have moved to a 95% remote support model to ensure we can access you, wherever you are - globally.


We have gone 100% paperless since 2019. That includes business cards. We do 100% of our business electronically.

Our sustainability

We are currently a carbon neutral company, and soon be be carbon negative.
The technology we deploy and the decisions we make, ensure this remains front of mind.

A small Hand

For any net360 subscription based service, at your request we will donate 1.1% of your total subscription based cost to our approved charity- every quarter - indefinitely for the life of your service contract.

EEO Employer

Age, Sex/Gender, Ethnicity, Religion Disability or medical history we treat everyone with respect. We built our policy around both affirmative and preventive actions to ensure everyone we deal with both internally and externally are treated with respect.

Commercial Ethics

We DO NOT accept commissions or pay commissions to developers.
We DO NOT conduct "no build cost" to developers, otherwise known as a cashless commission.
We select our relationships based on our values.


We don't share your data with any 3rd party nor do we monetise it in any shape way or form - ever.
Your data doesn't leave Australia.
In fact the only people who see your data are defence cleared professionals with security clearances up to "secret".
Name a provider who does that?

Accredited & Licensed

Your project is in safe hands with ACMA accredited and licensed authority, vic police registered security installers, and federally defence cleared network engineers.


Our accreditations and certifications.


We are proud of who we partner with.

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