About Us

About Net360

Founded in 2012, the business originally provided products and services  to power ICT providers, who then in turn, supply the retail market. 

In 2015 the business underwent a restructure that saw a new direction – providing previously difficult to acquire technology services directly into the consumer market rather than to ICT providers.

Today, Net360 is a registered telecommunications carrier with the ACMA and operates across a number of industry verticals supporting a wide demographic of customers offering fix line, voice, video, hosting and wireless services to power the next generation of digitised, automated business, entrepreneurs and consumers. 

Underpinned by a strong ethos, we believe business can be done a different way. Our way – See how our values influence the way we work everyday. If you want to know more please contact us and we are happy to share and clarify any questions you may have.

How we do Business

Our values influence the way we work, we encourage the same from our customers and partners.

No Offshoring

When you call us, you speak to a skilled staff local helpdesk agent, here in Australia. Not an offshore call centre.

Remote Accessibility

We have moved to a 95% remote support model to ensure we can access you, wherever you are - globally.


We have gone 100% paperless since 2019. That includes business cards. We do 100% of our business electronically.

Our sustainability

We are currently a carbon neutral company, and soon be be carbon negative.
The technology we deploy and the decisions we make, ensure this remains front of mind.

A small Hand

For any net360 subscription based service, we will donate 1.1% of your total subscription based cost to our approved charity- every quarter - indefinitely for the life of your service.

EEO Employer

Age, Sex/Gender, Ethnicity, Religion Disability or medical history we treat everyone with respect. We built our policy around both affirmative and preventive actions to ensure everyone we deal with both internally and externally are treated with respect.


With the exception of a court order, we dont share your data with any 3rd party nor do we monetise it in any shape way or form - ever.


Our accreditations and certifications.


We are proud of who we partner with.

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