Business Premium Fibre

Super fast, highly resilient, interconnected networks providing internet and secure enterprise communication nationally & globally.

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Why Business Premium?

Our business grade fibre services enables dedicated Fibre circuits to ensure your critical services remain live. Our premium product provides service level guarantees to ensure everything from critical emergency services endpoints all the way to business communication services remain live.

Our intelligent core enables a variety of intelligent networking services including next generation SD-WAN to ensure you private network is run efficiently and effectively.

Our local Australian network operation centre is available to you should you need them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

and because it offers ...

Quality of Service

Full support for QoS ensuring your critical services run efficiently over the network. We built our network to handle critical real time requirements.


Ability to intelligently select the behaviour of business applications over your dedicated network to ensure optimal performance

99.95% Service Availability

If you can't afford to miss a single packet over your network, our network guarantees it.

Layer 1,2 or 3 Offerings

From a telecommunications company who require dedicated circuits, to businesses who requires their network managed - we offer it.

10Gbps Internet

Providers the very best low latency high speed internet connection to ensure you can interact with the outside world as you desire.


State of the art proactive infrastructure monitoring to ensure attempted compromises are recognised and affirmative action taken to protect your data.

Custom Build

Require a premium service in a remote area? Net360 are a licensed ACMA carrier, we can construct the infrastructure you require - anywhere. From Dark Fibre to Satellite services, work with us to determine the best fit for your operation.


We provide complete service management on all our offerings, ensuring your business can focus on doing business, not running ICT services. We are the best at it, let us show you how.

Full IPv4 & IPv6 support

Have your own IP addressing? Require ours? don't know where to start? Lean on us to provide your business a dedicated IP range.

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Australia's Fastest Speeds While keeping it Green?

Not only are we a carbon neutral company, we are soon to be carbon negative by 2023. See more on our ethos and the way we choose to do business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an industry authority, here to help guide and educate businesses towards better outcomes. Feel free to contract us directly for free advice. Otherwise see below some common queries we receive.

Yes – The Net360 Premium Fibre service is not reliant on any part of the NBN infrastructure. Its a dedicated private network owned and managed by us or our business partners.

In most metro areas around Australia we are able to provision our premium fibre service at no cost. This does vary from city to city and general infrastructure availability in your area. We are able to provide a build cost at the time of enquiry for your address.

The Premium service is a dedicated fibre service to support high bandwidth critical applications. The NBN residential network is designed to support the requirements for general consumers. As a result the fundamental architecture of the networks and their purpose are completely different.


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