Net360 Build To Rent Technology

Super fast, highly resilient, on-demand fibre technologies for temporary acccomidation

What’s Net360’s Build to Rent Model?

We enable developers, property owners and managers the ability to subscribe to on demand bundled technology services as part of the tenants rental agreement, allowing a seamless subscription based model for a number of value added services.

Upon moving into a Net360 BRT property, the net360 service will be waiting for them to use from day 1. Uniquely, the service to the property owner is not billable until the premise is tenanted, allowing the owner to monetise the service as part of their overall rental agreement.

Services are activated and decommissioned as dynamically and instantly as required.

and because it offers ...


The Net360 network plans start at 1000Mbps and up to 10,000Mbps. The offering is a premium service for high end accomidation and luxury apartments.

Voice & Video

We welcome back the home phone. The Net360 telecommunications network now provides voice, video and conferencing, meaning the home phone is back - but digitised

99.95% Service Availability

Can't afford to have an outage for your premium development? High end tenancies require a high end service - our mean restoration times are sub 2 hours for any outage.


Carry any IP enabled service over our network. Certified to carry over 2000 different services into each dwelling, your development is future proofed. PayTV, Intercom, access control, CCTV, building automation - we have the entire IoT suite covered


We provide complete service management on all our offerings, ensuring your business can focus on doing business, not running ICT services. We are the best at it, let us show you how.


State of the art proactive infrastructure monitoring to ensure attempted compromises are recognised and affirmative action taken to protect your data. Unlike other providers, we take your data and online privacy seriously.

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Australia's Fastest Speeds While keeping it Green?

Not only are we a carbon neutral company, we are soon to be carbon negative by 2024. See more on our ethos and the way we choose to do business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an industry authority, here to help guide and educate businesses towards better outcomes. Feel free to contract us directly for free advice. Otherwise see below some common queries we receive.

Yes – The Net360 Premium Fibre service is not reliant on any part of the NBN infrastructure. Its a dedicated private network owned and managed by us or our business partners.

Our build to rent model allows on demand activation and billing. This means, billing commences from the day the tenant moves in, and will end of the day of they vacate the dwelling

Our build to rent model is completely fluid. It allows the owner of the building the ability to monetise and productise the offering into their product and services to their tenants.

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